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Fast Action Bonus #1

Full Ownership Of Our Premium Custom-Made Software “​GoStock” To Host Royalty Free/ Sell Premium Stock Photos/ Videos! (Real World Value $497)

Here’s Your Chance To Clone The Multi-Million Dollar Worth “Getty Image Platform” with my custom-made tool “GoStock” when you grab YoDrive Via my unique links below!

Have You Been Looking Down On Image/ Video Stock Industry? 

Well, you’d be head over heels today when I fnally remove the veil from your eyes!

Getty Images serves more than 1.5 million business customers in over 100 countries. 

In 2021 alone, Getty Images Generated OVer $300 Million For absolutely doing nothing…

I was pissed when I heard about this recently. Forcing me to believe that the days of hard work are over. Smart work saves you time & makes you money even faster when you leverage on the right tools.

Take For Instance, Getty Images, who generates millions of dollars just by owning a stock platform that connects Stock Photographers & businesses in need of such images.

After spotting this window of opportunity again, I had to call my team together for discussion on how to make owning a stock platform point-&-click easy for 50 loyal subscribers of mine who grab YoDrive fast.

Oh Yes… 

We custom-developed GoStock to enable you and the next 49 others to effortlessly slice a share off of the multi-million Image/ Video Stock Industry.

Users will be able to upload their photos to share with the whole community and visitors, and may receive donations through PayPal. In addition users will be able to give you like, comment, share and add to collections your favorite photos.

GoStock Comes With The Following Benefits… 

– Buit-in Subscription System

– Multiple Payment methods [stripe, paypal etc]

– Built in Referral System to boost traffic.

– Multiple Storage options (e.g Local, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Wasabi, Vultr)

– Invoices for payments made

– Facebook, Twitter and Google Login

– Built-in Follow / Unfollow system

– Like in Photos

– Collections of Photos plus Categories

– Notifications Real-time

– Advanced Photo search feature

– Ability to Download photos in different size

– Search for photos by colors and cameras

– Members can upload unlimited photos

– Receive Donations through PayPal for members

– Easy translation

– Ajax pagination in Photos and Comments

– Comment system + Like in comments

– Feed section (Posts by users you follow)

– Plus lots more!

The opportunity to sell stock images is as vast as the locations where you'll find those images used. They're featured in all forms of advertising, as well as within brochures, billboards, presentations, books, magazines, product packaging, blogs, and websites.

Stock images are routinely used by commercial and nonprofit entities, such as architectural and design firms; advertising agencies; book, newspaper, magazine, website, and blog publishers; corporations in all industries; educational institutions; and website designers and graphic artists.

How To Combine GoStock With YoDrive Purchase For Double Profit? 

Step 1: Create Your Own Clone of The Multi-Million Dollar Worth “Getty Images Platform” with my custom-made tool “GoStock” when you grab YoDrive Via my unique links below!

Step 2:  Host All of your stock assets on YoDrive + also charge a fee to let users of your stock platform host all of their stock assests on YoDrive.

Step 3: Bank double profit when you charge a fee for using accessing your premium stock images + allowing users to host their assets on your newly purchased “YoDrive”

It’s Almost Free Money For You With the Right Set Of Tools in your arsenal… So, simply Combine YoDrive + GoStock To Immediately Start profiting from stocks.

Fast Action Bonus #2

Full Ownership Of Our Premium Custom-Made Software “​nMon” Website, Service & Server Monitoring Bot! (Real World Value $497)

Its Value! Value!! Value!!!

In an attempt to offer you more value for purchasing YoDrive & also open up unlimited money-making opportunities for you…

My inner house development team had to custom-develop a brand new app that perfectly blends with YoDrive as an add-on. 

You won’t get this app as a bonus from any other affiliate, neither will you find this add-on on the upgrades offered with YoDrive.

This is a special software add-on for my customers who purchase YoDrive only.

You can handle multiple website services for the same clients and charge 10x more money without breaking a sweat.

Our Custom-Developed Website, Service & Server Monitoring Software enables you to easily monitor the status and health of Linux and Windows servers, websites, services, IP Blacklists and more Without Coding Skils Whatsoever!

Best Part?

It allows for Customizable and reliable alerts that keeps you up to date with the status off all you monitor for clients ike CPU usage, disk, RAM, network and other with our one line install agent.

It does all the  below work for you and sents you instant notification only when your attention is required;


– Monitor your websites with to find out whet it is down or loading slowly.

– Easily monitor the status of any TCP or UDP service (eg. FTP, SMTP, HTTP, etc.) with checks.

– Furthermore you can test if your server’s IP address gets blacklisted or your DNS server is not working as expected.

– If PHP’s exec() function is allowed on your hosting server you can also monitor hosts with ICMP Ping.

– Highly customizable alerts are available for all checks and metrics.

– If an alert is triggered an incident will be created and you will get notified instantly.

– Incidents are closed automatically if the problems resolves itself.

Notifications: Receive notifications via email, SMS Messages, Pushbullet, Pushover or Twitter direct messages.

– Supported SMS Gateways: Clickatell, SMS Global, Twilio.

– Pages

– Use public pages to display your network status without the need for authentications.

– Multiple Users and Roles

– Multiple user accounts and roles are supported.

– Multi-Language Support

– System can be easily translated to any language.

– Customizable & Responsive

– Multiple color schemes and layouts to select from.

Simply, we are increasing your chances of success by allowing you to Make more money from the same leads requiring your YoDrive Services. 

So, Clearly, this is an unfair advantage you’re getting for grabbing YoDrive Via My Unique Links Today.

I strongly advise all loyal subscribers of mine to Unlock Endless Income Potential With Our Custom-Developed Addon For YoDrive Before All slots Are Gone

Fast Action Bonus #3

Full Ownership Of Our Premium Custom-Made Software “Bio Links” URL Shortener & QR Codes Generator”! (Real World Value $497)

Biolinks is the only social bio link platform you’ll ever need, including a fully-featured URL Shortener & a QR Codes system.

– UNLIMITED BIOLINK PAGES – Users can create multiple Biolink Pages from one single account.

– HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE BIOLINK PAGES – Just check out the demo and you will see for yourself 

– BIOLINK PAGES EMBEDS – Including YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch, Vimeo & TikTok ready embeds.

– URL SHORTENER READY – Your users can use the product as an URL Shortener as well!

– UNLIMITED QR CODES – Users can create, save & update multiple QR codes and manage them as they wish.

– HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE QR CODES – Colored QR Codes, Gradiented QR Codes, Logo over the QR code and many more.

– QR CODES TEMPLATES – Text, URL, Phone calling, Facetime calling, Email, Whatsapp, Crypto, Location, Wifi, Complex Vcard QR Codes, Paypal payments.

– ADVANCED STATISTICS – All links get detailed statistics regarding their visitors which access their pages.

– TRACKING PIXEL INTEGRATIONS – Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest pixel integrations for bio link pages & shortened URLs.

– UNLIMITED PROJECTS (CATEGORIES) – The solution to easily categorise your resources.

– LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK / GOOGLE / TWITTER / DISCORD – To help users login to your website faster.

– SITEMAP – The full sitemap is automatically generated for you and ready to be used.

– And many many more…

Fast Action Bonus #4

DFY Web Design Agency Turnkey Business Kit is a tool pack that equips you completely for your Web Design Agency Business. (Real World Value $1,997)


How would you like to Make Web Design Profitable by Not Doing Web Design?

Sounds Unbelievable right? Yeah, I know!

This is because my team has done 100% of the work for you to become Web Agency in the next hour without the actual resources or coding skills…

So you don’t have to lift a pin on this one!

Tell me what more is left when I hand you the following?

– Proposal
– Mega Website
– Graphics Kit
– Case Study – Use This Client
– Telemarketing & Email Swipes
– Web Design Contract
– Drag & Drop Website Builder Platform
– Lightening Fast Drive – This is where YoDrive comes in. Take Advantage of the lightning-fast speed of YoDrive + its cutting-edge security & flexibility of use.

Fun Facts To Consider About Web Design Business

– Can easily be done from home or anywhere you have Internet access.

– Small business website averagely pays you $2,000 to $9,000. Large business website could fetch $10,000 to $35,000 & E-commerce website pays up to $55,000 per project

– No specific educational requirements are needed, although certifications and training can increase your marketability.

– The Internet is here to stay, so the need for designers isn't going to disappear. Web development occupations have a job outlook growth of 27 percent, well over the 7% most other occupations average.

– You can easily expand the business into other areas, such as SEO, copywriting, website maintenance, and other website related services.

That is why I’m giving a bonus that completely brands your Web Agency business to stand out from the rest and gives a way to attract clients + a way to fulfil the orders while Using YoDrive to host UNLIMITED Videos, Website Images, Training, Audios or Any Media Files at Blazing-Fast Speed

Fast Action Bonus #5

Unlock Lifetime VIP Access To “ DFY Client Acquisition Funnel Directly Responsible for $44,786,534.19 in Revenue… + the 10X Turbo Templates” (Real World Value $997)

These templates are our best performing funnel, organic posts, emails, and paid ads… like ever. They still work… In fact…

We’ve built an 8-figure business on the back of this funnel and these templates.

In the last 12 months, TF has produced dozens of 7-figure entrepreneurs and nearly a hundred 6-figure entrepreneurs.

We’ve taken people from 50+ different industries in countries all over the world…

Who have collectively $50M+ per year in CLIENT REVENUE (not including our own).

We’re 5 years into this business, and we have literally THOUSANDS of case studies of regular entrepreneurs like you who are dramatically accelerating their revenue.

For everyone, us included, it begins and ends with the ability to get the RIGHT funnel, organic posts, emails, and ads that convert.

But getting it right takes a crazy amount of time, energy, months of writing and testing, spending a lot of money, and you often need to become a funnel expert or pro copywriter.

I’ve got good news:

You should NEVER struggle and waste your time with a blank page, complicated funnels, or writing organic posts, emails, and ads that just freakin’ work.

There's no better way to capitalize on YoDrive’s state of the arts robust technology for blazing-fast Videos, Website Images, Training, Audio, or Any Media Files … 


Think About it… All you need to explode your leads & sales now is a freakin’ Funnel that works. 

Here, I’m saving you the time, money & endless battle in testing to figure this out yourself when you make a tiny investment in YoDrive Today. Use these Funnels Templates or make slight edits where if so desire.

Fast Action Bonus #6

Unlock Back Door Access To VIP Training “​Learn to Shoot And Sell Cinematic Stock Footage That Makes Consistent Passive Income”. (Real World Value $997)

The world of consistent passive income with your footage is just around the corner.

But getting started hasn’t looked so easy.

If you’re thinking…

– You love the idea of making a regular income every month from your videos, but you’re not sure your work is good enough to stand out in the market.

– You don’t have the time to spend hours going through your files, figuring out which sites to use and how to upload, with no guarantee you’ll ever make a sale.

– All the stock footage sites are already way too oversaturated, and anything you upload will just get lost in a sea of other videos.

– You take on jobs just for the paycheck, but you’d love the freedom that passive monthly income would bring for you to work on what you’re really passionate about.

  The complete course to learn how to shoot and sell stock footage that makes consistent passive income.


– Learn exactly what kind of clips are selling in the market and what clips aren’t.

– Learn techniques to improve your cinematography and create eye-catching, scroll-stopping videos.

– Learn what camera gear I recommend and how to get the most out of what you have.

– Learn what not to shoot when creating stock footage.


– Get a behind-the-scenes look at my streamlined editing workflow from start to finish.

– Learn what to look for when trimming your footage.

How to color correct your videos to be cinematic and timeless.

– Preparing and exporting your videos for each stock agency.


– Learn the best methods for tagging your videos to let people find your footage and increase your sales.

– Create video titles and descriptions that will get your footage noticed.

– BONUS: My streamlined Metadata Template to make keywording quick and easy.


– In-depth overview of all the best websites I recommend for selling your footage.

– Pros and cons of the unique qualities and revenue models of each site.

– How to navigate the contributor portals of each platform.


– Learn how to save hours when uploading your clips.

– Learn how to price your footage to be competitive and still make sales.

– Learn how to develop a system and stay consistent to guarantee long-term stock footage success.

How To Profit With This Bonus?

Simply Combine this VIP training with my custom-developed tool “GoStock” [The Getty Images Cloners] + Your Newly Purchased YoDrive to smash the stock Industry even harder & effortlessly cut your slice of the Multi-million Stock Images Pie! 

– VIP Training shows you how to run a wildly profitable Stock Platform. 

– GoStock arms you with a snipper tool that seamlessly clones The Getty Image Platform In a Few Clicks.

– YoDrive gives you a Storage system to host and neatly organize your folders plus all the files for easy access or sharing & engagement


My Bonus 1 + Bonus 6 +  YoDrive Purchase = The Complete Stock Business in a Box

Fast Action Bonus #7

Unlock Back Door VIP Access To “A complete step-by-step training course to build & fix sites that pass core web vitals Without Being A Developer (Real World Value $997)

A complete step-by-step training course to build & fix sites that pass core web vitals without being a Developer whatsoever.

With this, you can sell more services to your YoDrive clients to bring in money in multiple ways.

As if the potential drop in conversions from slow page load speed was not enough, Google has started punishing the sites that do not pass its “Core Web Vitals” test.

– The problem here for most site owners is that core web vitals are HARD to fix.

– It’s not just about installing a caching plugin and ticking a few options.

– It’s about making the elements on your page load in the right order.

This blueprint was specifically made for people who have no background in web development. It does not require you to edit any kind of code to achieve the best results possible.

We’ve listed every single error message in the page speed insight tool from Google — with a simple, easy-to-execute technical fix — as all sites are different and sometimes need custom solutions.

This way, you can run an audit on your site, list the error messages you get, and follow the associated tutorial. This works on any site with any setup.

This will help to solve any issue that may arise in the process, as well as improve your page speed and core web vitals scores.

It’s that easy!

– Fix specific issues without watching all the training.

– Updated index of the most common speed & CWV bottleneck solutions.

– Tailor your Core Web Vitals Optimization to your own setup.

– Pitch more services to your YoDrive clients and make more money.

Fast Action Bonus #8

Lifetime Unlimited Access To “Video Traffic Breakthrough” To Generate Steady Streams of Hot Leads from Targeted Views to Your Videos at Only 1 Cent Per View, GUARANTEED! (Real World Value $997)

You can’t be missing out on The Dirt Cheap Targeted Traffic Solution That Drives MASSIVE Views to Any Video You Want on the Web.

You’re literally getting 10X leverage using this game-changer video leads explosive system when you combine it with YoDrive. Simply host your videos using your newly purchased YoDrive and follow my  revolutionary system to skyrocket results That Can Be Generating Sales For You In Under 1 Hour

Here’s What This Video Traffic Breakthrough Crash Course Will Do For You:

– Gives you access to TARGETED traffic on demand (simply point the video you want traffic to and press ‘Go’ with the strategies outlined to you

– Drives massive targeted traffic to your website for as little as pennies per click

– Helps increase ROI’s on your campaigns so you make more money with less ad spend

– Shows you how to lower your cost per click while increasing the quality of the prospects you are reaching – so you have higher overall conversion ratios and put more cash in your pocket

– Teaches you how to setup a profitable video campaign in under an hour (including making the video, writing the ad, and posting everything to generate targeted traffic)

– Gives you advanced secrets to getting your ads to convert at higher click-throughs than your competitors

– Enables you to understand which analytics and metrics are key to track and which are not… this ultimately gives you greater control in knowing what is performing best and what truly needs tweaking

– Shows you how to generate quality traffic to affiliate campaigns, your own promotions, and client projects as well… which gives you the skill to generate revenue on demand… and that ultimately gives you true peace of mind knowing you can always make money

– Empowers you with proven templates, proven ad formulas, and proven profit pulling strategies which you can use immediately to build your business (and income) to the level you choose

– Plants control back in your hands for generating massive amounts of dirt cheap targeted traffic to exactly where you want (and zero waiting on video SEO strategies to hopefully work, this is almost instant results you see immediately)

This system is about bringing control back into your hands. Giving you the proven steps to generate targeted traffic so you can achieve your business and financial goals.

All this while still being able to enjoy time with your family and friends as your success grows and multiplies with the strategies you uncover with Video Ads Crash Course.

I’m here to help you succeed because I know how frustrating it was for me to figure this all out.

You can do this and I will show you exactly how to succeed in getting dirt cheap traffic. In fact…

Gets You A Steady Stream Of Hot Leads With YouTube Videos… And Can Be Generating Sales For You In Under 1 Hour

Fast Action Bonus #9

Lifetime Agency License To “Media File Renamer” – Auto & Manual Rename WordPress Plugin (Real World Value $47)

This Plugin Renames your media files for better SEO and a nicer filesystem (automatically or manually).

Media File Renamer, by default, automatically renames the filenames of your Media entries based on their titles. You can trigger this, or you can let it happen every time you modify titles. You can also rename the files manually. The references to those files will be also updated (posts, pages, custom types, metadata, etc…). You can use the Media Library or the Media Edit screen.

However, it is highly recommended to use the pretty and very dynamic Renamer Dashboard. If you like to work fast and well, you will really love working with this modern dashboard.

Fast Action Bonus #10

Lifetime Agency License To “Agency Toolkit WordPress Plugin” (Real World Value $67)

The Agency Toolkit plugin provides a lightweight way for agency owners, freelancers and website owners to quickly debug, optimize, and customize the WordPress experience without needing a dozen or more additional plugins. 

This plugin came out of a need for our own agency to standardize the tweaks, performance optimizations, and overall clean-up with our client sites. This saves time and maintenance by reducing the need for other plugins while allowing only privileged admins to access these options quickly.

Each option can be enabled or disabled as needed to keep things light and customized to your own needs. 

Currently, we support the following options with more to be added:

– * Limit the admins that can view the toolkit options page
-* Enable maintenance mode
– * Enable the WordPress debugger to show on the frontend or write to the default log file
– * Limit or disable post revisions
– * Enable a custom agency footer with a name, URL and email in the WordPress Dashboard
– * Enable a custom agency logo on the WordPress login screen
– * Hide Site Health from the WordPress backend
– * Disable theme and plugin editors
– * Disable plugin and theme installs and updates
– * Disable automatic update notification emails
– * Disable XML-RPC
– * Disable self-pingbacks
– * Disable pingback and trackback notification emails
– * Disable emoticons
– * Remove RSD links
– * Hide WordPress version generator in front-end source code
– * Secure the wp-config.php file using .htaccess
– * Globally change email sender

Fast Action Bonus #11

Lifetime Agency License To “ WP Client Reports WordPress Plugin” (Real World Value $37)

Deliver confidence and prove your value routinely to clients and stakeholders.

This is the perfect maintenance report builder plugin for agencies, freelancers, and site maintainers who update their client’s sites on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. The plugin tracks what updates have happened and records them daily.

You can use the cleanly designed reporting analytics screen to show the updates that have happened within amounts of time such as last month, this month, last 30 days, or a custom length.

Send a professional-looking email including updated statistics whenever you complete updates to show the value of your work to your client or other site stakeholders. No PDF’s here, just a nicely designed email.

Fast Action Bonus #12

Lifetime Agency License To “Instant Squeeze Builder” (Real World Value $97)

– JVZoo has been one of the best choices for many online entrepreneurs that sold digital products.

– In this video tutorial, you will learn how to set up an effective sales funnel that converts and will really make you profit.

– Using this package with YoDrive will turn your pages and funnels into highly professional attention magnets without spending a fortune.

Fast Action Bonus #13

Lifetime Agency License To “WP Video Page Creator” (Real World Value $67)

– A sales letter can add a personal touch to advertising which is not possible in other forms of publicity and advertising.

– In this bonus package, you’ll get 100 Sales letters, Guarantee pages, Set of JV letters, squeeze pages and many more that will save you thousands of dollars without talking to a single copywriter.

– Use it with YoDrive and turn your squeeze pages into high-converting and effective pages that generate lots of new subscribers.

Fast Action Bonus #14

Lifetime Agency License To “ Instant Content Creator” (Real World Value $49)

– Every online business owners and affiliate marketers want to make out of the traffic that they generated to their website but driving traffic to your website is sometimes time-consuming and involves many issues.

– With this awesome bonus package you can easily motivate your website visitors to buy your products.

– By combining this package with powerful YoDrive, you will reap out maximum benefits from your product launches.

Fast Action Bonus #15

Lifetime Agency License To “Simple Membership Generator” (Real World Value $37)

Want a step-by-step plan to launch a product?

In this course, you’ll get four live sessions taught by an experienced marketer getting your product up and running quickly.

Just use this mind-blowing package with YoDrive and scale your business to the next level.

Fast Action Bonus #16

Lifetime Agency License To “QikMobi Software” (Real World Value $197)

– One of the core concepts in the digital marketing industry is the sales funnel but sales funnels for most online businesses are actually very complex.

– This bonus package that will train your subscribers to use sales funnels right and get lots of money to your business.

– When combined with YoDrive, it enhances your marketing results & helps you become the market pro.

That’s right guys, if you buy “YoDrive” by Clicking HERE, you will access Specialized Services, Powerful Tools and Premium Training worth up to $8,074 in total, 100% free for the first 50 Buyers Only!

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Bonus Commercial License Included for Limited Time!

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Thanks for trusting my recommendation. I look forward to serving you with more high-value bonuses.

Misan Morrison

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