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Fast Action Bonus #1

Full Ownership Of Our Premium Custom-Made Software “​Video Slide Show Maker” For Auto-Webinars! (Real World Value $497)


It is impossible to keep shut when I am confident about the value I dish out to my loyal subscribers.

Again, Fam you’re about to lay your hands on a point-&-click, easy-to-use tool for creating High Quality Video Slide Shows For Auto-Webiars/ Video Ads thanks to my Inner-house development team.

We custom developed a 100% complementary tool for the first 50 who would grab WebinarKit Via my unique links above & below.

Read on to learn more about this time & money saving asset every marketer must have in their arsenal to run auto-webinars faster + Create Highly converting Facebook/Youtube Video-Ads by uploading a few images only to get your prospects fighting to secure a seat.

This is an Online tool for creating video slide shows and presentations. The user can upload his photos, sort, adjust animation, overlay text and get the finished video. The motion of the animation can be selected automatically, but it is possible to adjust the position of the camera movement. The administrator can configure the maximum number of simultaneous processing – the queue. For commercial gains, the owner can insert advertising banners.

The Benefits

– Upload multiple photos at once. Automatically detect photo orientation.

– Sort photos. Disable unnecessary photos.

– Overlay text with animation on selected photos.

– Selection of music from the library, the ability to upload an audio file for background playback.

– Editing camera movement (creating points for positions “from” and “to”).

– Video resolution selection – HD or FullHD.

– Watermark overlay (application settings).

– Displaying percent of the video creation process. Show queue number.

– Admin interface where he can see the list of active projects – NEW.

– Ability to translate the interface into different languages.

– All projects and files are deleted after a certain time.

– Sending an email to the administrator after creating each project.

– Nice and easy to use interface.

Use my custom-developed badass tool to cut out 6 hours of the stress & still come up with a more stunning video for your Ads & Auto-Webinar Presentations

Fast Action Bonus #2

Full Ownership Of Our Premium Custom-Made Software “​Video Slide Show Maker” For Auto-Webinars! (Real World Value $497)

The Internet is full of boring popups. So, it is high time we broke this trend. That’s why my inner-house development team created Green Popups. With this tool, you can realize your imagination and make unique multi-layered popups. 

– You can create multiple layers with whatever-you-want content and add custom transitions/animations for each layer. 

– You can embed AJAX-ed subtoolion/contact form which works with over 60 popular email marketing providers (MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, Mad Mimi, etc. (for full list please visit Green Popups page)). 

– You can raise popup window on page load, on exit intent, on scrolling down, on user inactivity or show it on click event. 

Moreover you can use any popup as a part of webpage content. With Green Popups you can make your website more attractive and pay users attention to certain stuff.


– Green Popups has tons of features. You can find full list on Green Popups page. Below you can see major features:

– Unlimited number of popups. Create as many popup as you wish.

– Multiple layers. Each popup can contain any number of elements (layers).

– Drag-n-drop popup builder. Create popups with easy-to-use drag and drop Popup Builder. No coding knowledge is needed.

– Over 20 popup elements. Plugin has everything that is needed to create unique popups. No limits to your imagination.

– Popup and inline modes. Use any popups as regular popups or easily embed them into page content.

– OnClick popups. Show any popup when users click something.

– OnLoad popups. Show any popup when page loaded.

– OnScroll popup. Show any popup when user scroll down the page.

– OnExit popup. Show any popup when user moves mouse pointer to the top of browser window assuming that he/she going to leave the page.

– OnInactivity popup. Show any popup after certain period of user’s inactivity.

– OnAdBlockDetected popup. Show any popup if any AdBlock software detected.

– Confirmation system logic. Show confirmations based on user input and selection.

– Double opt-in. Request users to confirm email addresses.

– Email notifications. Send custom email notifications and user confirmation emails. Use conditional logic, if needed.

– Popup stats. Stats of impressions, submissions, confirmations and payments for any popup for any period.

– Field analytics. A set of submitted data can be represented in a convenient way, such as bar charts.

– Popups Library. Access to remote popups library with over 200 ready-made popups.

– Export/import feature. Easily export popup settings from one website and import to another website.

– Multi-steps popups. Yes, you can do it now.

– PageSpeed Insights optimized. Minimum resources loaded with pages – Google will love you.

– and more, more, more…

How It Complements Webinarkit? 

It’s really simple to figure out! 

  1. Armed with Green Popups you can pop up multi-step irresistible CTA’s during webinars. Or even use it on your Sign up pages or websites to dramatically skyrocket conversions.
  2. Plus… Leverage on 200+ already designed popup templates to save time & still sweep off your subscribers with more professionally looking CTA’s to increase conversions by 27% 

Fast Action Bonus #3

Full Ownership Of Our Premium Custom-Made Software “LMSGO” Intuitive Learning Management System To Turn Your Recorded Webinars Into A Recurring Goldmine! (Real World Value $497)

Oh Yessss!

I am simply opening more doors for you to profit with WebinarKit. I want you to be able to squeez all the juice out of your webinar without leaving any money on the table.

Wouldn’t be nice if there was a way to turn all the webinars you’d ever create into a goldmine?

That is why I am giving you access to the most important tool “LMSGo” which we customed developed to help you succeed faster and 10x easier than the other customers who purchased WebinarKit.

LMSGo SaaS is The finest course builder. Right from managing the courses of various categories to fulfilling chapters, each aspect of your courses could be settled through LMSGo SaaS under one tab. Enjoy manageable learning with an easy user interface.

Below Are A Few Benefits of LMSGO

– Seamless transition from the front end to the back end for The effective management of learning always requires a strong back end. 

– A Stunning & Well Organized Dashboard

– Get entire store analytics, right from traffic through various browsers, devices, and platforms to your top URLs, get every insight about your visitors on this dashboard.

– You can find all the courses in your store  under “Courses”. Manage every aspect of the courses, from their names, prices, categories, quantities, course descriptions, and images through this tab. All in all, this tab can help you keep your inventories in the tab.

– Create courses categories based on your distinctive courses over here.

– Manage the subscriber list of your students/ customers who are interested in your updates.

– Generate Zoom links to hold meetings right from inside the the LMS system. You can create, View, Start, and Delete meetings with ease.

– Along with that, the zoom meeting created, will be synced with the calendar which will show the meeting details, as well as which are the people joining the meeting at what time. This calendar syncing feature helps to schedule meetings accordingly.

– Generating certificates for the courses completed by the students with the inbuilt features available in this module makes the whole certificate generation process easy. You can develop the certificate using only four variables namely; Store Name, Student Name, Course Time, and Course Name. Also, you can choose from two templates and the various colors for the certificate.

– And Lots More.

Armed with my custom developed Learning Management System [LMSGo] you can host all your webinars on a stunning looking membership dashboard & have your students pay to unlock access to already recorded webinars. Charge a one-time or recurring fee. Whatever you desire!

Fast Action Bonus #4

DFY Editable Webinar Sign Up Page That Converts Like Angry Birds! (Real World Value $647)

Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 10% are converting at 15% or higher. 

…Ideally, you want to break into the top 5% — these are the landing pages with conversion rates of 25% or higher.

If you work really hard to optimize your landing pages, you can increase your website’s conversion rate up to 10X the industry standard.

Let me repeat: 10 times!

…But it’s not as easy as it may sound…

Would you take me on this bonus to let my team go behind the curtains to perform the magic on your webinar sign-up pages leading to an influx of leads & increased attendance?

Well, The ball is in your court…

And Good luck making the right decision!

Fast Action Bonus #5

DFY Fill-in-the-blank Video Script, 100+ Profitable channels & List of 200+ Example Channel” To Boost Your Next Review Webinar Conversion by 37% (Real World Value $497)

These are 100% useful resources to make it easier and faster to profit with WebinarKit. 

Below is a summary of what you’re getting when you make a fast move..

Fill-In-The-Blank Video Script Templates

I’m throwing in some fill-in-the-blank video script templates to help you systematize your videos. This will make outsourcing your content easier down the line as well as making video scripts yourself a breeze. We give you both personal brand channel AND list channel templates.

List of 100+ Profitable Niches + Example Channels

To make sure you choose the absolute best niche or make sure that you have already chosen a good niche, we give you a list of over 100 different profitable niches AND profitable example channels in many of those niches that you can clone for yourself.

List of 200+ Example Channels

I’ve found every niche channel under the sun and included them in this mega list of example niche channels for you to reference to see what’s working on YouTube and model it for yourself.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Combine The Resources Above To Profit Faster with WebinarKit + Practical Case Studies.

Get access to a blueprint that shows a ton of channel case studies in different niches to help you decide which niche you should choose. Explains how to use to all of the resources above.

Fast Action Bonus #6

VIP Access To Training “Create Unlimited Sales Webinars For Yourself (Or Your Clients!) From Scratch In Less Than 30 Minutes” + High-Converting Webinars Templates Examples! (Real World Value $997)

Fellow Marketer:

– If you’re reading this right now that means one of the following statements is probably true about you:

– You are well aware that the most successful businesses, solo-preneurs, gurus, and SAAS companies are using sales webinars as a primary growth tool for their business.

– Your advertising and marketing agency is looking for additional ways to add value to your clients and are looking at webinars as a complementary service for your agency.

– You’ve tried to create your own webinars in the past – maybe with some success – but struggle to come up with fresh ideas, offers, and hooks

– You wish you could afford to hire an experienced copywriter to write a high-converting webinar for you, but balk when you realize how much a good one actually costs

– You KNOW how much the A-list copywriters CAN charge (see point 4) and want to be able to confidently ask for (and get) those rates with a specialty like webinar copywriting!

No matter which of the 5 situations you are…

Here’s your chance to do things the right way! You’re getting the magic blueprint that gets your audience begging for the purchase link.

Fast Action Bonus #7

Back Door Access To The Already Closed Training “The FB Ads Setup & Retargeting For Your Webinars That Grows Your Email List and Generates More Sales in the next hour!” (Real World Value $1,497)

Dear Future Profitable Webinar Host

– If you are an online entrepreneur who has started hosting webinars but are not getting the kind of signups and sales that you know you should be getting, you have come to the right place.

– If you are looking to start hosting webinars in your business but want to learn the right way, the “strategic” way of doing so, this is the program you have been looking for.

– Maybe you have already tried hosting a webinar and it fell flat. 175 people registered but only 11 showed up and you just spent $800 on Facebook Ads, yikes…

– Or maybe you’re getting people to sign up and even show up but you just can’t seem to make enough sales. 59 people were on your webinar but only 1 bought….or maybe none!

– If this sounds like you, I have good news. I have been there. I too have hosted webinars that “bombed.” But after hosting over 200 live webinars, several worth over 5-figures, I have figured out a repeatable system for getting consistent results.

– If you would like to learn about a step-by-step, click-by-click, A-to-Z system for creating, promoting, and monetize your webinars, then read on.

– You see, after making my first few thousand dollars using webinars, I was able hit the ground running. Hundreds of students flowed my way and joint venture partners started approaching me to host webinars for their audiences. I started growing like gangbusters using the power of webinars and partnerships.

– If I can do it, you can do it, too following the exact strategy I used!

I have been living a life of ultimate freedom while working with amazing people from around the world.

Now, I am eager to share how I can help you take your webinars to the next level, so you can generate the cash you need to create a lifestyle you love. I am excited to give you access to this VIP Blueprint.

Fast Action Bonus #8

Testimonial – Customer Feedback, client testimonial, Review WordPress Plugin (Real World Value $67)

WP Testimonials is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add Testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed testimonials into a Page or Post using the shortcode.

With this WordPress Plugin, you can show What your clients say about your work.

A small business with up to a few hundred reviews may be organized into multiple categories, plus a form for accepting new testimonials.

This is the best Plugin for any site Because this plugin has many configurations to show your client’s feedback, you can also show your client’s designation and site links.

You can use it also in the sidebar like a widget, Just paste the shortcode in the text widget. this plugin easier to customize.

It will be very helpful for new users, this plugin very easy in use for new and old users of WordPress.

This plugin has many configurations you can see below.

By displaying testimonials in your webinar funnels & sign up pages you stand a chance to attract a boat load of leads Begging you to take their monies

Fast Action Bonus #9

Free Lifetime License To ”Weglot Translate” Present Your Webinar In Multi-Languages (Real World Value $47)

Weglot Translate is a leading translation plugin that will help you translate your websites into 110+ languages and go multilingual within minutes, no coding required.

Translate your WordPress website into 110+ languages and go multilingual within minutes, no coding required.

Increase visibility and boost conversions with ease by adding multilingual functionality.

Weglot Translate is fully optimized for multilingual SEO, with every translated page automatically indexed by Google. Say hello in multiple languages to millions of new visitors.


– Manage and edit all of your translations through a user-friendly interface.

– Collaborate with team members and trusted translators to translate together, directly inside Weglot.

– Is it a title? Is it a link? No more guessing the context of the text. Weglot Translate’s in-context editor lets you translate directly within the webpage.

– Make it your own. The multilingual language switcher is fully customizable with multiple design choices.

– Weglot Translate makes it easy to migrate from other WordPress multilingual plugins like Polylang or WPML. Simply deactivate your existing translation plugin and install Weglot Translate.

How It Blends With Webinar Kit?

Don’t Worry I got you!

You can use WebinarKit to Present webinars in a particular language and depend on Weglot To Translate your webinar funnels/pages to multi-language so that you can reach out to more audience’s to close more deals!

Fast Action Bonus #10

Unlock VIP Access To The Facebook Group Method - Go From $0-$50,000 in 62 Days Using Only Free Traffic + An Automated Webinar (Real World Value $799)

In this special case study, we break down over-the-shoulder style, exactly how Carl sold over $50k of his course in 62 days using nothing but free traffic, a Fb group, and an automated webinar.

Fast Action Bonus #11

Unlock Unlimited Access To VIP “How To Crush It With YouTube Video Ads”- (Real World Value $497)

In this 1 hour training, we show you how to set up and run YouTube ads to an automated webinar. We make $1,000 per day with our automated webinar using this YouTube ad traffic method

Fast Action Bonus #12

Unlock Unlimited Access To VIP Case Study "How I Make $1k/day With 1 PowerPoint Video & An Automated Webinar” (Real World Value $497)

This is special training that unveils the most powerful funnel in the internet marketing world – The automated webinar funnel.  We show you how we made over $600k last year using this funnel and how you can leverage this in your business.

Fast Action Bonus #13

Unlock Unlimited Access To “The 100k Shortcut [Product Creation (without creating a product) Bonus]” (Real World Value $997)

In this masterclass, you will learn the exact steps we have used to partner with experts to sell their products with automated webinars so you don't have to spend any time on product creation or delivery.

We have made over $1 million dollars doing this and we will show you exactly how to do it.

That’s right guys, if you buy “WebinarKit” by Clicking HERE, you will access Specialized Services, Powerful Tools and Premium Training worth up to $8,033 in total, 100% free for the first 50 Buyers Only!

Limited Slots Available!

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Thanks for trusting my recommendation. I look forward to serving you with more high-value bonuses.

Misan Morrison

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