The  Most Stupendous Bonuses For Subscribers of "Misan Morrison"

The  Most Stupendous Bonuses For Subscribers of "Misan Morrison"

⚠️Breaking News: QR Codes Are Back, And They’re A Fun, And Easy Way To Make Some Serious Cash In 2022 And Beyond…

First-Of-Its-Kind Breakthrough App Let's You Start A Lucrative Side Hustle That’s Recession-Proof By Helping Businesses Set Up 20+ Types Of QR Codes… In 60 Seconds Or Less!

First-Of-Its-Kind Breakthrough App Let's You Start A Lucrative Side Hustle That’s Recession-Proof By Helping Businesses Set Up 20+ Types Of QR Codes… In 60 Seconds Or Less!

Agency License + QR Code Job Finder Included For FREE So You Can Find Ready-To-Pay Clients Today, And PROFIT FAST

Normal Price: $47/Month Today Only: Low One Time Fee

100% Beginner-Friendly - Agency License Included - Get Paid Today

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I can boldly state that my bonus pack stands out from the majority of bonuses out there… It's designed For You To Profit Easier And Faster Than Your Competitors With "QRVerse", My Team Prepared A Set Of software, Services, And Advanced Training You Won't Find Anywhere Else Online.

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Fast Action Bonus #1

Unlimited Agency License To Our Custom-Developed SaaS Tool “Bulk SMS GateWay” To Send bulk SMS and MMS using your Android device SIM For Free! (Real World Value $497)

***All Brick-&-Mortar Businesses And Online Entrepreneurs Would Love This***

Are you a Local Agency or run any form of internet business & able to create a list of phone numbers?

Today when you grab QR Verse via my unique link I’d be offering you My Custom-Developed SMS & MMS Marketing tool that uses your android phone as a GateWay.

This is the same tool I use for sending out bulk SMS, notifications & SMS autoresponders to my local business customers. 

I’m handing you this game-changer tool for 3 reasons.

  1. Open rate: SMS marketing has a striking edge over email marketing in terms of open rate. The average open rate for an SMS campaign is as high as 98% while email rings in at just 20%. By extension, response rates for text messages are much higher than for emails as well.
  2. High Deliverability: With billions of emails falling into spam folders. Here’s your chance to directly pop up in the notification area for mobile phones + get your messages opened within 90 seconds of sending.
  3. It perfectly blends with QR Verse to explode your marketing efforts, skyrocket engagements and quadruple your sales volume within 48 hours. 

Follow My Below Instructions To Get 10x more results When You Combine QR Verse With My Custom-Developed SMS GateWay App.

Step 1: Put together a special deal & give a discount to everyone who buys from that page.

Step 2: Login To QR Verse & quickly generate a QR Code that redirects to your special deal.

Step 3: Using my Proprietary SMS/MMS tool, send a broadcast to all your contacts & sign out with your QR Code. Enjoy unlimited sales as they scan your code to claim the deal!

Using your android device as SMS/ MMS GateWay you’d be able to enjoy the following benefits.

– You can send bulk messages using CSV or Excel files containing your numbers.

– You can Send bulk MMS. Attaching an Image file is pretty easy. If you can send MMS normally using your android phone then this should work effortlessly for you.

– It also saves your device's battery life by only contacting the server when there are new messages to send.

– Works in the background:- You don’t need to keep the Android app open on the device for it to work. This makes it easier to use it with your regular device. You won’t need a dedicated device for it.

– You can Send SMS with virtually no limit. You won’t be bound by SMS character limit (160 Characters).

– You can set a delay between each message to send a limited amount of messages in a specific time interval.

– Shows status of messages sent using SMS Gateway in Admin Panel.

– Autoresponder:- You can add responses for certain messages so that whenever you receive that messaging app will reply automatically.

– It supports multiple languages and comes with English and German. You will be able to add more languages easily by following the instructions in the docs.

– Supports SMS delivery reports:- It also supports tracking of delivery of SMS messages when you turn on delivery reports. It will report the message as ‘Delivered’ when the message is successfully delivered.

– Use multiple devices to send faster:- Ability to sign in using multiple Android devices to split messages between them when sending bulk messages.

– Blacklist:- Each user account has its own blacklist. Users can add numbers to the blacklist to avoid sending messages to those numbers. Subscribers can also reply with “STOP” to add their number to the user’s blacklist.

– Schedule messages:- Send messages on schedule.

Contact lists:- Create contact lists and import contacts into them using an Excel file.

– Send a message to the contact list:- Send a message to contacts in a contacts list.

– Unsubscribe contacts:- Ability to allow a contact to unsubscribe from the contacts list.

And Lots More


You won’t get this from any other affiliate [big or small]. This is an exclusive bonus -So,  Make a Fast Move Now!

We plan to launch this on App Sumo so that we can charge really high thanks to its mass appeal. Unlock your free lifetime access or snooze & pay $297 recurring later!

Create Unlimited Attention Grabbing Videos

100 hand crafted Templates

Create Video from scratch

Add any item at any point of time in the Video

Upto 1 GB internal storage & unlimited External Storage

Video Progress bar

Fast Action Bonus #2

Unlimited Agency License To Our Custom-Developed SaaS Tool “Eventic - Ticket Sales and Event Management System” (Real World Value $497)

No doubts, my bonus slots are filling up fast thanks to the high-value bonus offered on First Action Bonus #1.

But because I know how to do business, I discern you might spend extra time looking to see if my next set of bonuses is also a brainbuster for you.

Hence, I went out of my comfort zone again with my inner-house developer team and spent extra time & money to give you value in return for your investment in QR Verse. 

…And Boom The Monster, “Eventic” was Birthed! 

Eventic is a powerful event management and ticket sales system like Eventbrite, TicketMaster, Twickets… 

Based on the robust and secure Symfony framework, Eventic offers to event organizers a set of handy features in order to manage their events, from creating their event page, to registering attendees with a fast mobile application

Armed with my custom-developed tool “Eventic” combined with QR Verse purchase…

1- You’ll become the messiah for all Hosts/Event Organizers [both offline & online].

I don’t care if you use Facebook Ads or distribute hard copy flyers to invite prospects to your event. 

What it cost to gather a targeted audience for either Seminars & Webinars or any kind of event at all is really high. 

Wouldn’t it be wise if there was a way to at least recover your advertising/ publicity cost immediately + make unlimited sales days after your event?

See how many Hosts & Event Organizers are leaving money on the table now?

I’m equipping you with this combo so that you can turn this around & charge a fee for your services.

Here’s how Eventic + QR Verse work together To  Bring You Endless Clients [online & Offline Hosts]…

With Eventic you can charge a befitting fee to generate tickets, and then attach a QR Code encapsulating a special deal for your targeted audience to unlock unlimited profit anytime your attendees scan the code on their tickets.

2- You can apply the same on your future events whether online or offline to cover for your publicity cost and generate unlimited revenue even days or months after the event.

Below is a summary of other benefits you get from Eventic when you purchase QR Verse via my links now!

– Your clients] can sign up on the platform to submit their events

– Attendees can register & buy tickets either online/ offline via points of sales

– You're able to process payments for the organizers using Eventic 

– Attendees attend the event and present their tickets containing a QR code

– Using the Scanner inside Eventic, organizers veiryfthe tickets to let the attendees in.

– Organizers can withdraw their earnings after you automatically deduct your fee.

Fast Action Bonus #3

Lifetime Unlimited Access To “QuickVCard” - Online Digital Business Card Creator. (Real World Value $497)

Whom Digital Business Card is Beneficial?

Every business needs a business card to share contact and create a great impact. 

If you communicate over the telephone to market and sell your products and services or provide door-to-door service or have a shop, restaurant, and hotel, or Business Owners, Marketing Agencies, Finance & Real Estate, SalesPreneurs, Consultants, Education & Training, Software & IT, Events and Travels, or Health and Beauty Our digital business card will then help to communicate your message in a more strategic way.

Digital Visiting Card is accessible anytime from anywhere Through a variety of channels. With our Digital Business Card, you can easily create a QR code for your visiting card that has Actionable one-click events like Call, Email, Whatsapp, Navigation, Website Link, Payment, Social Links, Maps, and more. 

Also easily share your digital business card with anyone using a QR code or send it through email, a link, and more.

Below Are What You Stand To Benefit From Quick VCard When you Purchase QR Verse Via My Unique Link

Your customer will call you by just tapping on the Call button on vCard. Click to Call feature helps your customer to call you in just 1 click without even typing the number Unlike Printed Visiting Card, you can add, edit, change your mobile number through our simple dashboard, whenever you want!

Don’t expect that, your customers save your number & WhatsApp Almost 80% of people never save contact number from the printed visiting cards Through this feature, your customer can WhatsApp you without even saving your number

Nowadays, Getting mail from your customers is a tough job, Isn’t it? Your customer can mail you in just 1 click through your Digital Visiting Card, without even typing your mail id

Tired of telling the store’s location to your customers? Let them find your business easily on Google Maps & reach your store in just 1 click without any hassle!

With the Digital vCards app, Customers can visit websites and social sites.

it’s easy, elegant, and affordable. E-Visit Card is always in your pocket, never tears, and never runs out. Your Digital Visiting Card can be easily updated with our user-friendly dashboard, so you won’t need to re-print a business card again.

Quick vCard helps easily overcome any new sanitary friction with an ideal contactless experience and grow your professional relationships with its viral features. No physical contact is required to send or receive a virtual business card. You can create as many business cards as you’d like, with different information on each card. Make a card for your work contacts, one for clients or customers, and one for your friends.

Easily share your digital business card with anyone using a QR code or send it through email, a link, and more. you can download QR code and print on anything like flyers, newsletters, or a billboard.

Don’t you think your printed visiting card expired in this competitive digital world? People can’t find a full list of offering products/services in printed visiting cards. Customers can’t find the visiting cards when they actually need them, 9 out of 10 times. Forget about old-fashioned printed visiting cards that generally go to the dustbin. While Quick Vcard is an easy way to share your contacts and grow your professional relationships. You can list your all social links, offering products/services.

You can customize your business card with your requirements. Include your preferred name, business detail, and any accreditations on your digital business card. Add a picture of yourself so people remember who you are. Include your social media accounts, a company logo, payment, website, and more

You can already see How Quick VCard Blends Perfectly well with Your Purchase “QR Verse”  Heighten Your Engagement Level To Flood Your Bank Account With Endless Sales. But again, you need to hurry!

Fast Action Bonus #4

Lifetime Unlimited Access To “StoreGo” To Create & Seamlessly Manage Storefronts On an Intuitive Dashboard. (Real World Value $497)

StoreGo is here to offer you a seamless transition from the backend of your store to the front end. Right from managing the product inventories to fulfilling orders, every aspect of your store could be settled through StoreGo under one tab. Enjoy a manageable storefront with an easy user interface.

– Custom Domain

– StoreGo SaaS offers 2 dashboards, both for the back and front end. It helps in the easy understanding of useful information

– Easy to manage storefront by listing products and product categories

– Ease in creating tax and assigning rates to them

– Multi Theme: 5 themes with 5 different colour options

– Management of Email subscribers list

– StoreGo SaaS offers a complete order summary and print of any given order

– The store view on the front end allows the users to enjoy their shopping process

– Full White Label Store Setting

– Payment gateways for secured payments with Paypal and Stripe

– Whatsapp Integration

– Telegram Integration for getting notified on Telegram Bot when new order made

– Email Notification

– Offline payment

– A user-friendly RTL experience for the customers using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languages

– Any of the plans’ payments can be done using 10 diverse payment gateways namely Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate

– Built with Laravel 8

StoreGo Is a 100% Complementary Bonus For QR Verse. Below is how you can combine these Separate Beast To Setup a Reliable System That Keeps Bringing In Money Endlessly

Step 1: Quickly setup your manageable + stunning storefront filled with high-in-demand products using StoreGo

Step 2: Login to QR Verse to generate a QR Code that redirects to your juicy storefront. 

Step 3: Share your QR Code and hold tight for unimaginable sales.

I really hope there is still a slot for you on my Immediately-profitable bonus pack strictly limited to 50 loyal subscribers of mine. Don’t hang around hun!

Fast Action Bonus #5

DFY Fiverr Gig for Your QR Code Services + Agency Website Installation Promoting Your QR Code Services (Real World Value $997)

At this point, it feels safe to call me “The Selfless Marketer”.

No affiliate [big/ small] truly cares about you like me. I put in both time & money, and stretch my entire team to make sure that you receive value in return for purchasing via my unique links.

This is a selfless & specialized service, you’re getting from your tiny investment in QR Verse. 

This means… 

– You can bring in a consistent cash flow as you can get unlimited clients from Fiverr using my optimized Gig 

– Also with the agency website you get, be sure to attract a queue of clients from the google search engine. 

– oR even better add your agency site to your social profiles to instantly attract warm social leads requiring your QR Code Services.    

– Finally, seamlessly deliver using your newly purchased QR Verse Saas Tool to bring a consistent cash flow.

Fun Fact!

– Even if you only make $20 for your services on Fiverr..
– And you receive 5 – 10 orders daily!
– You can potentially slice $100 – $200 daily!
– And this can quickly become $3000 – $6000 Monthly!
– Amounting to $36,000 – $72,000 Free money Annually!

If you ask me, this isn’t bad for a service that takes less than 10 minutes per delivery!

The Bad News is we can’t help more than 50 loyal subscribers on this… You Must Make a fast move Now! – Grab QR Verse via my unique links & we’ll make the rest of 2022 worthwhile for you!

Fast Action Bonus #6

Quickly & Easily Tweak These “10 DFY Digital Business Card Templates In PSD Formats” For Your QR Code Services! (Real World Value $197)

Business cards are an integral part of networking and expanding a contact list. But what if you could enhance its effectiveness and make it easier for your clients or potential employer to add your information to their devices, learn more about your business, or even access samples of your work? Adding a QR Code to your business cards allows you to do this and so much more. 

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Using the vCard Plus QR Code on your business card means potential clients or employers can add your contact information to their mobile devices without the hassle of manually typing it in.
  2. In the same vein, adding a Social Media QR Code that links to your social media platforms will not only garner more followers and fans on your pages, but will also allow your clients to remain up to date on all your latest work, news, and events.
  3. Put Samples of your work in one place. For instance, If you are in the music industry, you can use an MP3 QR Code to share your music with anyone that scans your business card. And by using the PDF QR Code, you can link to your resume or any other PDF files so you don’t have to carry copies with you at job fairs or informational events.
  4. Keep your customers informed/ updated by changing the information with the actual QR code unchanged!

To give you a starting point on this when you grab QR Verse via my unique links – You’d also receive 10 stunning & expertly designed QR Code Business Card Templates that you can easily tweak around to suit your needs.

Fast Action Bonus #7

Unlock Unlimited Back Door Access To This VIP Training That Reveals "How To Build Your Own SMS Marketing Software In Under 25 Minutes + Charge Local Restaurants Owners $200/ Month” On Your Marketing Services. (Real World Value $497)

The reason so many restaurants have suffered through the lockdowns is that they rely too heavily on location.

People were staying home and without the usual foot traffic out and about, these businesses are failing to attract customers.

…unlike our clients.

Here’s the thing… People didn’t stop spending because of the lockdowns. But with people stuck at home, there’s now a disconnect between businesses and their customer base. Consumers have a short attention span and are quick to do business with whoever grabs their attention.

This is why it is vital that businesses, especially restaurants, stay in constant communication with their customer base. Our strategy allows them to do exactly that.

Although our clients are thriving, there are so many businesses still out there suffering. That’s where you come in.

We’ve developed a unique SMS marketing system that we manage for our clients.

For each client, we use this system to build a list of dedicated customers and keep them within the inner circle. It gives the restaurant owner the ability to strengthen customer loyalty while sharing special offers and promotions.

This consistent contact with their customers maintains their bottom line and keeps their business successfully afloat, even during the lockdowns!

Before we go on, let me clarify something important: you DO NOT require any kind of coding experience!

This is a video-based course that breaks down every critical part of this model. So after you complete the training, you’ll be able to immediately take action. Successfully locating and attracting new clients while building a long-term business of your own that requires little ongoing maintenance.

Here is everything you’ll get inside:

– Learn The Secret Behind Building Your Own SMS List And Broadcast Service

– How To Pinpoint Ideal Clients That Want Your Service

– To drastically increase your success when closing clients, we’re going to walk you through the exact process we use to identify ideal clients.

– How To Attract Those Clients With Your Service Offering… Without Ever Stepping Foot Inside Their Business

– You don’t need to stress about approaching potential clients! 

– Inside this module, we’ll walk you through the process for running a successful sales meeting that will prompt the client to sign up for your $200/month service. We’ll cover the exact meeting format and provide information for in-person and online meetings.

– How To Maintain Your Client-Base For Long-Term Success And Ongoing Monthly Income You Can Stack

Fast Action Bonus #8

DFY Tried & Tested Failure-Proof Templates + Worksheets Effortlessly Brings You Ready-to-Pay Customers Instantly, Regardless of the Economy.DFY Tried & Tested Failure-Proof Templates + Worksheets Effortlessly Brings You Ready-to-Pay Customers Instantly, Regardless of the Economy. (Real World Value $647)

Here, You’ll be getting some quick-start strategies + Templates + Worksheets + Audits + Agency Website To Sell any or all of your Services

– Groupon Strategy
– ​Upwork Strategy
– ​LinkedIn Strategy
– Secret Credibility Builder
– Our Secret Approach
– ​Recording Your Videos
– ​Following Up To Close More Deals
– Sample Audits
– ​Finding Leads with Google
– ​Audit Using LinkedIn
– Audit Using Upwork
– Audit Using Groupon

PLUS The Latest Marketing Tools: FREE!

Done-For-You Agency Website: You’ll own a beautiful, DFY website to promote your business service offers.

No website? No problem! With our custom-built Local Agency theme, you will have a complete, professional web presence for your marketing biz in under 15 minutes and with just a few clicks of the mouse…

Also GET INSTANT ACCESS to hours of video training that compresses, condenses, and efficiently presents the entire, systemized, step-by-step system to developing a hugely profitable Digital Marketing Agency.

Fast Action Bonus #9

Quickly and Easily Automate SMS Text Messaging Campaigns To Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Promo Revenue – In 7 Days
 or Less – Without Increasing Your Ad Budget by a Single Dollar (Real World Value $999)

I want to help you and your business grow by turning you into an SMS marketing PRO.

If you’ll put in the effort to go through this course, I’ll give you everything you need to start making money with SMS marketing in less than 24 hours…

The course is designed to cover every piece of the puzzle.

I’m giving you all of the tools you need… You get to bypass all of the months of learning, testing, and FAILING…

You can leap ahead, straight to making money!

You don’t need to be a marketing whiz or a tech genius to get started with profitable text message marketing.

Here You’ll Discover How To:

– Implement SMS and start sending messages immediately

– Create a comprehensive monetization strategy that will keep the money rolling in

– Create automated cart abandon campaigns to recover otherwise lost orders

– Navigate all of the compliance guidelines, making sure your program is sustainable

– Gather SMS leads along with your email opt in with virtually no impact on your conversion rates

– Choose the right platform, so that all of your needs are met

– Plus, I’ll show you how to optimize your offers for mobile, giving your users the best experience possible (leading to higher conversions)

– Plus so much more…

Fast Action Bonus #10

Lifetime Unlimited Access To LeadGo - Lead Management Tool (Real World Value $497)

Is a Lead Management Tool for maintaining precision in managing multiple leads.

Using this proficient tool you could manage the visibility of your leads across various stages in the pipeline.

It guarantees improved efficiency with ease in allocating multiple resources to various leads simultaneously.

– An effective dashboard to get an overview of the required information.

– Ease in adding payments and products on an invoice.

– Restriction on client and user permissions. Assigning roles to users and managing their permission through multiple modules.

– Availability in multiple languages makes it a tool accessible on global platforms.

– Managing various pipelines and their stages to understand the true standing of deals and leads.

Fast Action Bonus #11

Lifetime Unlimited Access To WhatsStore - Online WhatsApp Store Builder (Real World Value $497)

WhatsStore is here to offer you a seamless transition from the backend of your store to the front end.

Create Catalogue and Receive orders on WhatsApp Right from managing the product inventories to fulfilling orders, every aspect of your store could be settled through WhatsStore under one tab.

Enjoy a manageable storefront with an easy user interface.

Fast Action Bonus #12

Lifetime Unlimited Access To RotaGo - Staff Scheduling Tool (Real World Value $497)

Managing employees, their availability, shifts, leaves, and rates could become quite overwhelming, especially when you have multiple locations to cater to. Well no more. With RotaGo, from managing employee details to assigning them shifts and leaves, you can do the needful from one place.

– Easy to assign employees based on availability preferences.

– Easy to calculate costs as you get to manage default and custom role-wise rates.

– Perfectly suitable when you have multiple locations and numerous employees to assign shifts to.

– Effective leave management and embargoes for smooth workflow

And Much More…

Fast Action Bonus #13

Deluxe (Unlimited) License To Redeemly - Cardless Loyalty Program Builder (Real World Value $47)

Redeemly Deluxe offers you ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED To multiply your winnings by 10 FAST

– Create loyalty program for 500 companies:  This upgrade lets you create cardless loyalty programs for up to 500 companies so you can earn 10x your earnings.

– Updated to 5,000 customers:  Add up to 5,000 customers, which will benefit you and the companies you work with.

– Increase earnings with unlimited loyalty campaigns:  Create unlimited loyalty campaigns, so you can charge more by running additional campaigns for each of your customers.

– Keep customers happy with unlimited loyalty rewards:  Generate unlimited loyalty rewards to get even more value for your paying customers (this keeps them using you and paying you monthly).

And Much Much More…

Fast Action Bonus #14

Lifetime Reseller License To Social Traffic Rush (Real World Value $197)

Discover How You Can Get A Rush Of Targeted Traffic From Social Media In This 10-Part Course!

– You’ll uncover the power of organic Facebook posts as well as Facebook Ads, and how you can use both to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. invoice

– You’ll discover the benefits of video marketing on YouTube, and how you can use this powerful platform to gain new subscribers and drive traffic to your site!

– You’ll see why celebrities and VIPs are going gaga over Instagram. Nope, you don’t need to be a celebrity to succeed on this platform. Many businesses have found massive success here!

– You’ll understand why writers and bloggers love Medium. This popular blogging platform will help you in more ways than you can ever imagine.

And Much More…

That’s right guys, if you buy “QRVerse” by Clicking HERE, you will access Specialized Services, Powerful Tools and Premium Training worth up to $7,013 in total, 100% free for the first 50 Buyers Only!

Limited Slots Available!

Did you buy “QRVerse” from someone else already and missed out on the bonuses on this page? Don’t worry about it. Just buy 1 of the Upsell Offers by clicking on the Links Below, And I will give you access to my Killer Bonuses as well.

Normal Price: $47/Month Today Only: Low One Time Fee


100% Beginner-Friendly - Agency License Included - Get Paid Today

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