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The  Most Stupendous Bonuses For Subscribers of "Misan Morrison"

The  Most Stupendous Bonuses For Subscribers of "Misan Morrison"

⚠️Breaking News: QR Codes Are Back, And They’re A Fun, And Easy Way To Make Some Serious Cash In 2022 And Beyond…

First-Of-Its-Kind Breakthrough App Let's You Start A Lucrative Side Hustle That’s Recession-Proof By Helping Businesses Set Up 20+ Types Of QR Codes… In 60 Seconds Or Less!

First-Of-Its-Kind Breakthrough App Let's You Start A Lucrative Side Hustle That’s Recession-Proof By Helping Businesses Set Up 20+ Types Of QR Codes… In 60 Seconds Or Less!

Agency License + QR Code Job Finder Included For FREE So You Can Find Ready-To-Pay Clients Today, And PROFIT FAST

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Fast Action Bonus #1

Unlimited Agency License To Our Custom-Developed SaaS Tool “Bulk SMS GateWay” To Send bulk SMS and MMS using your Android device SIM For Free! (Real World Value $497)

***All Brick-&-Mortar Businesses And Online Entrepreneurs Would Love This***

Are you a Local Agency or run any form of internet business & able to create a list of phone numbers?

Today when you grab QR Verse via my unique link I’d be offering you My Custom-Developed SMS & MMS Marketing tool that uses your android phone as a GateWay.

This is the same tool I use for sending out bulk SMS, notifications & SMS autoresponders to my local business customers. 

I’m handing you this game-changer tool for 3 reasons.

  1. Open rate: SMS marketing has a striking edge over email marketing in terms of open rate. The average open rate for an SMS campaign is as high as 98% while email rings in at just 20%. By extension, response rates for text messages are much higher than for emails as well.
  2. High Deliverability: With billions of emails falling into spam folders. Here’s your chance to directly pop up in the notification area for mobile phones + get your messages opened within 90 seconds of sending.
  3. It perfectly blends with QR Verse to explode your marketing efforts, skyrocket engagements and quadruple your sales volume within 48 hours. 

Follow My Below Instructions To Get 10x more results When You Combine QR Verse With My Custom-Developed SMS GateWay App.

Step 1: Put together a special deal & give a discount to everyone who buys from that page.

Step 2: Login To QR Verse & quickly generate a QR Code that redirects to your special deal.

Step 3: Using my Proprietary SMS/MMS tool, send a broadcast to all your contacts & sign out with your QR Code. Enjoy unlimited sales as they scan your code to claim the deal!

Using your android device as SMS/ MMS GateWay you’d be able to enjoy the following benefits.

– You can send bulk messages using CSV or Excel files containing your numbers.

– You can Send bulk MMS. Attaching an Image file is pretty easy. If you can send MMS normally using your android phone then this should work effortlessly for you.

– It also saves your device's battery life by only contacting the server when there are new messages to send.

– Works in the background:- You don’t need to keep the Android app open on the device for it to work. This makes it easier to use it with your regular device. You won’t need a dedicated device for it.

– You can Send SMS with virtually no limit. You won’t be bound by SMS character limit (160 Characters).

– You can set a delay between each message to send a limited amount of messages in a specific time interval.

– Shows status of messages sent using SMS Gateway in Admin Panel.

– Autoresponder:- You can add responses for certain messages so that whenever you receive that messaging app will reply automatically.

– It supports multiple languages and comes with English and German. You will be able to add more languages easily by following the instructions in the docs.

– Supports SMS delivery reports:- It also supports tracking of delivery of SMS messages when you turn on delivery reports. It will report the message as ‘Delivered’ when the message is successfully delivered.

– Use multiple devices to send faster:- Ability to sign in using multiple Android devices to split messages between them when sending bulk messages.

– Blacklist:- Each user account has its own blacklist. Users can add numbers to the blacklist to avoid sending messages to those numbers. Subscribers can also reply with “STOP” to add their number to the user’s blacklist.

– Schedule messages:- Send messages on schedule.

Contact lists:- Create contact lists and import contacts into them using an Excel file.

– Send a message to the contact list:- Send a message to contacts in a contacts list.

– Unsubscribe contacts:- Ability to allow a contact to unsubscribe from the contacts list.

And Lots More


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We plan to launch this on App Sumo so that we can charge really high thanks to its mass appeal. Unlock your free lifetime access or snooze & pay $297 recurring later!

Create Unlimited Attention Grabbing Videos

100 hand crafted Templates

Create Video from scratch

Add any item at any point of time in the Video

Upto 1 GB internal storage & unlimited External Storage

Video Progress bar

That’s right guys, if you buy “QRVerse” by Clicking HERE, you will access Specialized Services, Powerful Tools and Premium Training worth up to $7,013 in total, 100% free for the first 50 Buyers Only!

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100% Beginner-Friendly - Agency License Included - Get Paid Today

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