We’ve recently been burning money trying to make this new funnel work. Then suddenly we struck gold.

40 sales at $2.80 per sale to cold traffic. Product price is $47

We’d be scaling this soon and hope it maintains this nice ride.


…here is a quick step by step list of strategies we used to make this work. Go through this, test them out and let me know how it works out for you.


Now, there are two steps to this little ‘’cost per purchase crusher’ ’strategy.


Step #1: The Ad step. This includes who we targeted, what kind of creative we used and why the ad copy had great CPC.
Step #2: The sales page step. This includes the exact sales template we employed and why it seems to work so well.


Funny thing is, we were able to get these results more because we worked on our copy more than we did anything technical.


All the metrics that come with Facebook ad usually make us forget that we are actually talking to real people with our ads and basically trying to connect with them fast so we can get them to do what we want them to do. What really does this is your messaging. Nothing else.


And that is why what I am about to show you works so damn well.


So here you go:

#1. The Ad Step

A. The reason the ad copy worked so well is because we started with a question.


Questions open up a void in people’s mind that gives them an itch to want to fill it up, when you throw a question at someone his mind starts looking for answers. And these questions also connects with the reader.


But the problem is you really can’t safely throw questions about on Facebook without violating their policy. Facebook don’t like you calling out their users


It works, but you just can’t use it carelessly or you’d run into troubles with the Facebook ad policy team.


So what we did instead was to start with questions that doesn't violate the rule. We directed the question at us rather than at the users.



‘’Are you overweight?’’ Vs ‘’When I was overweight I asked myself these questions…how do I lose weight?…’’

‘’Is your business suffering?’’ vs ‘’When my business was suffering…i asked myself the following questions…how do I get more traffic?’’


B. Then we followed the questions with the good ol’ PAS formula Directed at Us rather Than the Users.




But don’t direct this at the users, make it about you.


‘’When I was over-weight, I had issues fitting into my clothes. Till I started using this = > [Link to sales letter]

This is a 2 weeks meal plan that helps you burn weight while you sweat’’

PAS formula…but about us. That way the readers connect to the problem, and agitations we went through because it is exactly what they are going through too.

This decreased our CPC, and lowered our overall cost. Because we were connecting with people and also spiking their curiosity without breaking the rules.

C. But while doing this, beware of cheap clicks.



Very important.

Which is why we had ‘’filters’’ in the ad.

You know, the part where you say:

’This is not magic, and anyone who wants to get in on this would need to put in the work if to get results. Find out details here = > [Insert Link to Sales Page]’’. Those are the kind of filters.

That way we weren’t just getting people who saw an ad that made them curious and just clicked to satisfy their curiosity. We got people that had the issue.

So very quickly

Step 1. Start with questions directed at you rather than the users.
Step 2. Follow up with PAS formula directed at you rather than the users

And then

D. Video outperforms Images.


We always ran two ads with the same copy, but one always had a video and the other one had just images – and every time the copy with videos won.

It was amazing.

So throw in videos with the ad copy

Somehow videos have a way of increasing conversion.

Check out this software if you want something to help you make drop-dead gorgeous explainer videos for your Facebook ad.

E. Allow Facebook Algorithm to Take Charge.



Crazy as it sounds, we did no interest targeting on this ad. We basically just allowed Facebook do its thing.

…you see, Facebook is actually so powerful it basically steps in and brings to you people that are a perfect fit for your ads based on the people that are already engaging on it.

But this is only in cases where you don’t have a specified interest that would get you results. But in a case where you have the following:

1. Gurus and Industry leaders that appear as interests.
2. Tools people in an industry use (Click Funnels, for instance)

But when targeting an interest, make sure it has a size of 100,000 and above. We have noticed better results with large sized interests than with ones below 100,000.

Step #2: The Sales Page Step

We basically sent traffic to a sales letter with the 28 step template below. From experience this template works, and it is probably because it covers most points that make a sales letter persuasive.

Here you go.

1. Preheadline
3. Sub-headline
4. Open with a Question that is an advance of what you already asked on the ad. This gives your ad a good scent
5. Connect With Prospect
6. List Problem
7. Agitate (List the consequences of the problem)
8. Hit them with Existing solutions [Other Products].
9. Show the Demerits of existing solutions
10. Tell Them about a Better Solution (Eg. Exercise don’t work…what matters is what you eat)
11. Authority establishment and self-introduction.
12. Introduce your product.
13. Give your angle of uniqueness of product (E.g. This allows you lose weight by eating what you love…no need eating stuff that don’t taste nice)
14. Give Your Product detail
15. List Power USP Bullets of your Product
16. Testimonials
17. Introduce price.
18. Give Price comparism argument (Eg. High cost of Outsourcing your animation videos vs paying a one time fee on Animaytor software and getting same result)
19. Tell the price.
20. Call to action
21. Give a Guarantee
22. Show them Pain if they don’t buy now.
23. Make Promise to take pain away with product
24. Show the results they stand to get with the solution
25. Introduce Scarcity
26. Bonus introduction
27. List Bonuses
28. Final Call to action.


So Let us go over This Again.

Step 1. Start your Facebook ad Copy with questions directed at you rather than the users.
Step 2. Follow up with PAS formula directed at you rather than the users
Step 3. Use Video rather than Image.
Step 4: Leave Targeting open or Target interest with sizes greater or equal to 100,000
Step 5: Write your Sales letter with the 28 Step template.
And there you have it; a 5 step strategy. Try it out and let me know how well it works out for you.


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