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Fast Action Bonus #1

Unlimited Agency License To My Custom Designed “High-Quality Multi Social Media PowerPoint Infographics Template Pack” (Real World Value $779)

Here’s your chance to save countless hours by using our custom-made Attention-Grabbing fully customizable Infograhiphics templates… When you grab Botmatic via my links at the current Launch Price.

I paid heavily for them as I needed something unique for my presentations and also to help my brand stand out in marketing, increase engagement and keep down ads cost as must as possible.

So, if you work with data and give PowerPoint presentations or have any form of local or internet business, consider using infographics – All you have to do is grab Botmatic via links. 

With these, you can Convert your complicated data into visually appealing charts that are easy to look at. Whether you are in corporate management, marketing, an educator or a blogger, there is no more effective way to display your information than through visually stunning infographics.

Our custom-made infographics are versatile and work seamlessly with the most popular software: PowerPoint, etc.

We have assembled over 2000 of our best infographics + 6,500 Icons into one amazing package for you! Not only do you receive the premium, fully-customizable infographics that are specially designed for 30+ niche markets. 

…but when you grab Botmatic today via my links you receive lifetime access.

Best Part?
Anytime our creative team adds new infographics, you are able to enjoy them at absolutely zero cost. This means that just grabbing Botmatic via my unique links gives you unlimited Lifetime Access.

Key Benefits You Enjoy From This Template Pack:
– 43 Slides, Flexible, Clean, Simple, & Creative slides
– 2 Aspect Ratio ( 4:3 and16:9 )
– 4 Premade colors, 90 Color Themes included
– Just One Click to change the colors and auto recolored
– Fully and Easily editable content
– All objects are vector-based
– 6500+ Icons! easily change size and color

Template Content:
– Instagram Infographics
– Twitter Infographics
– Snapchat Infographics
– LinkedIn Infographics
– Pinterest Infographics
– Behance Infographics
– Facebook Infographics
– YouTube Infographics
– Social Media Analytics


I could easily sell these Info-graphics 10 times the launch price of Botmatic today, But I chose to give them away to my first 50 loyal subscribers who grab Botmatic via my unique links… 

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Create Unlimited Attention Grabbing Videos

100 hand crafted Templates

Create Video from scratch

Add any item at any point of time in the Video

Upto 1 GB internal storage & unlimited External Storage

Video Progress bar

Fast Action Bonus #2

Unlimited Agency License To My Custom-Designed “ High-Quality 30 Instagram Flyer Templates Pack”(Real World Value $397)

This is the ultimate Social Media Flyer Pack. Promote your events on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and more with these web flyers!

Oh yesss!…

Whether you need to post an Instagram graphic to share, a new sale promotion, or an upcoming event, there are 30 templates to choose from. 

…And once you have a template you like, editing is no sweat. All editing features are accessible from changing text, color, layout, photos, graphics, and even the flyer's size.

It's important to keep your promotional business, and Instagram projects looking as sharp as ever in such a competitive market! You’re receiving our flyer template designs for easy adaptation to your promotional materials.

– Very easy to edit Photoshop templates.
– Elements are labeled in organized folders.
– All text is editable.
– Free fonts used.
– 1200×1200 Pixels RGB mode

Files Included in the Package

  • 30 Adobe Photoshop Files(Fully layered)
  • Help file

Quickly Grab Botmatic via my unique links to receive instant access to these breathtaking Instagram Flyer Templates Pack.

Fast Action Bonus #3

Unlock VIP Access To “ DFY Funnels + Website + 5 Killer Resources + Campaign Templates & Ads Checklist For Crushing Birthday Campaigns”(Real World Value $1,999)

100% True Fact…

Every day is someone’s birthday, hence a special day entrepreneurs can capitalize on for limitless & recurring profit.

How would you like to get endless leads of Clients who can’t wait to pay you $500 per month to set up a profitable Birthday Campaign for them? You can’t run out of clients on this one!


I’m literally forcing you to make make money on this VIP Bonus. This bonus has the power to transform into a local Agency receiving multiple paychecks of $500 minimum from multiple Businesses needing your services.

Read the below explanations to find out the VIP resources, tools & templates you’re getting for grabbing Botmatic via my links today.

I’m Showing You Everything You Need To know – A to Z – To properly set up chatbots & get even more leads & customers for your Client's Birthday Campaigns.

Chatbots are one of the hottest marketing trends right now.

And with open rates of over 80%, some marketers compare them with email marketing, saying that chatbots are now where email was in the late 90s and early 00s.

Whether that’s a correct comparison or not, the fact is – chatbots WORK.

They get people’s attention. They make it easier to automate communication with people. And they help you catch even more leads than you’re doing without them.

For example, when you set up the bot, you can start a conversation with people who left a comment on your Facebook Ad.

Done-For-You Marketing Funnel

I want you to succeed. And to start making money Fast.

But you can’t do that if you don’t have people coming to your door, asking to set up a birthday marketing campaign for them.

So to help you get more leads & clients, we’re giving you a completely done-for-you marketing funnel.

In this funnel, you get an article – an advertorial – and a landing page.

The goal of these two components is to give people a general idea of what the birthday campaign is. And to pre-sell them on the concept.

Then, when they reach out to you for more information, they’ll already be familiar and interested. Which will make the sales call much easier.

To start using this funnel, you just need to fill in the blanks with your information.

Now, to get this on your own, you’d need to spend $1,000+ just on a copywriter. Plus coding and designing.

Done-For-You Website

Your success is everything to us.

And we want to help you succeed and get more leads and clients who can’t wait to pay you $500 per month to set up this birthday campaign for them.

Because of that, we’re also giving you a professionally designed & developed one-page website.

The goal of the DFY Marketing Funnel Bonus is to get people to reach out for more information about birthday campaigns.

The goal of this website is to do the entire explanation of the campaign for you!

To create a website like this, even on the lower end, would cost you $1,000.

Fast-Track Resources Pack

Here’s the truth about success in business – this and any other:

The sooner you get in front of potential clients & the sooner you get the results, the sooner you’ll see profits in your own pocket.

So to help you with getting in front of your client & getting them results fast, we’ve prepared a huge resource pack.

Inside it, you’ll find:
– Sales Scripts
– Explainer Videos
– Coupon Graphics
– Ad designs
– And Much More

Creating all this on your own, even at the lower end, would cost you over $2,000 in copywriting & design fees.

I know because that’s how much I paid to get it created for you.

Directory Profits:

With Directory Profits Module, you have the ability to create a “digital birthday offer directory” for an entire local area. And practically dominate the market.

So instead of profiting from just a 1-to-1 campaign, you’re profiting from a 1-to-many campaign, because you’re going to charge EXTRA for businesses to be on this page.

Fast Action Bonus #4

DFY Facebook Ads Business In A Box + Client Getting Resources(Real World Value $997)

Imagine if you can consistently turn complete strangers into high-paying customers to deliver profitable online marketing campaigns for businesses…

Imagine having a tap you can turn up to bring a flood of sales right when you need them, or turn down when your clients can’t handle any more leads or sales. It’s time to remove revenue uncertainty in your business and build a predictable stream of income month on month.

Here we’re equipping you with 100% Tools, Training, Resources + Templates that immediately metamorphosis you into a Facebook Ads Agency. You’d get all the pieces of the online marketing puzzle that your business needs to achieve success.

The reality is that starting a Facebook ad agency is not something you can do overnight. It takes time to develop your skills, grow your client roster, and learn how to run a business. But this VIP Bonus does all the heavy lifting for you as it comes with;

– Facebook Powerpoint Presentation
Facebook Ads Case Study – 11 Word Ad = $208K In Sales‎
– How To Build a Scalable 6-Figure Facebook Ads Agency From Scratch:
– Facebook Ads Course [Tools & Resources Included]
– Instagram Ads Course [Tools & Resources Included]

Fast Action Bonus #5

DFY Social Media Ads/ Solo Ads Budget Maximizing Calculator To Keep Your Campaings Profitable Always(Real World Value $47)

With the alarming rise in paid traffic cost; Facebook Ads / Solo Ads.

You should use a budget pacing tool to easily track data & stay in profit at all times.

Plus the Facebook Ads manager in particular can be overwhelming with multiple ads running simultaneously.

With this calculator, you can easily see at a glance, which of your campaigns are overspending or still in the profit zones.

Fast Action Bonus #7

Get a step-by-step process for producing, amplifying & monetizing content that attracts a loyal following & generates consistent growth.(Real World Value $497)

I am giving you access to streamable training that teaches anyone how to run social media marketing at a high level.

These are updated battle-tested strategy sessions, how-to videos, and Q&A recordings with a brand new resource library of worksheets and fill-in-the-blank templates.

There’s never been a better course to learn the complete skill set of a professional social media manager.

 Here’s Why You Need This VIP Training…

  • The entire course has been updated to reflect the latest changes to platforms, algorithms, and winning strategies — so you know you’re getting the industry’s most up-to-date training.
  • How-to Videos: Detailed tutorials to help you implement everything you learn so you can create, launch and manage 7-figure campaigns.
  • Resource Library: Fill-in-the-blank worksheets, templates, and calendars to guide you through every module and milestone. These are the same resources Laura uses on a daily basis.
  • Recorded Q&As: for each module where Laura answers student questions from our most recent live semester and gives feedback on their work.
  • Guest Experts: To help you supplement your social skills, we brought in 4 industry pros to teach you about branding, design, project management, and content marketing.
  • Weekly action items: To hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.
  • You choose your speed: All marketers are different, and Smart Social gives you the flexibility to complete this course around your busy schedule.

Fast Action Bonus #8

Step-By-Step Guide To Protect Your Facebook Ad Account from Ever Getting Disabled (And Get It Back Quickly If It’s Already Happened) (Real World Value $399)

Even if you believe you studied Facebook terms of service inside out and more than sure that you’re fully compliant with their guidelines, you still can be wrong. There’re lots of pitfalls to keep in mind. It’s super easy to be missing out on something. 

For this reason, to Protect Your Ad Account & to stay on Facebook’s “good side” (and even get accounts back you thought were gone forever!)…

I am giving you access to some …
Never-before-published strategies to keep your account safe from Facebook’s “ban hammer” (High-level Facebook reps keep these strategies close to their chest)
– Proven ways to recover your account in the event it becomes disabled (See testimonials below for many success stories)
– How to make sure your ads are always compliant — even if someone writes them for you
– The little-known art of warming up new ad accounts to avoid getting flagged early on
– Your ads, offers, and landing pages are only half the story — discover the “hidden” factors that get other advertisers’ accounts banned
– 6 different ways to contact Facebook to get your account back (Hint: An appeal isn’t your only option. In fact, it’s usually the least effective way)
– The ONE thing you have to do right after you win your account back (or risk losing it again soon!)

… Plus The Following Checklist & Templates To Both  Protect & Recover Ads Account Fast
– Our account protection checklists and standard-operating-procedures to ensure you don’t make any ‘lethal’ mistakes that could lead to having Facebook shut your ad account down.
– Ad account rescue checklists, SOPs & insider methods to get your account reinstated – even if Facebook says their decision to close your account is final.
– Access to the Protect Your Ad Account Private Facebook group where you’ll interact with like-minded business owners, form valuable partnerships, trade feedback, and receive virtual high-fives and encouragement every step of the way.
– Private access to a Q&A video library. 49 questions answered for you. You’ll get my video response to each question, carefully time-stamped for your convenience. Covers everything from account setup, protecting your account, getting your account back, and more!

Fast Action Bonus #10

Lifetime Agency License To “CONTENT-CURATION & SYNDICATION PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS” (Real World Value $77)

Use the WordPress Content-Curation & Syndication Plugin to fulfill your editorial and distribution needs quickly and effortlessly.


As a curator or republisher of content you can:
* Access and republish stories from world-class sources with no limit.
* Cover more stories without using your own editorial resources.
* Earn 30.95% of the net ad revenue.

As a content provider or publisher you can:

* Share your own original content for more exposure.
Syndicate your content in a way that is both viral and safe.
* Earn 50.05% of the net ad revenue.

– Publish/Syndicate Your Stories
– Republish Other Publications’ Stories.

Fast Action Bonus #11

Lifetime Agency License To “ Landing Page Builder – Lead Page – Optin Page – Squeeze Page – WordPress Landing Pages” (Real World Value $197)

Below Are The Awesome Benefits You Cannot Afford To Miss Out On;

* You can create visually appealing beautiful pages in mere minutes with its easy-to-use visual builder and fast response time design literally updates in milliseconds resulting in zero lag whatsoever. You can build your own pages or use Premium pre-designed templates.

* Page builder plugin allows you to create simple page to complex sales landing pages. It has all needed content elements and use classic WordPress WYSIWYG editor so you don’t have to waste time on learning new stuff.

* This plugin comes packed with pre designed templates that you can start customizing with just one click.

* You can use the pages you have created as templates with just one click.

* We offer free widgets so you can create any design easily and perfect.

* Free form builder widget allows you to collect and store form submissions, email address and other data.

* Page builder plugin’s template engine is super fast and use very little scripts so your pages perform perfect.

* It is compatible with almost all WordPress themes, We’ve tested it with 50+ themes.

* Save leads using built in subscribe form in page builder database, Or add any form using shortcode.

* The Page Builder plugin correctly utilizes page title, meta tags, meta keywords, thumbnail images and OG data for the perfect Search Engine Optimization.

* etc

Fast Action Bonus #12

Unlimited VIP Agency Rights To “Automated -Social- Media-Robots” (Real World Value $47)

This gives you a better general idea of what platforms you will use and that will appeal to your prospects and future customers, it’s time to customize your game plan. 

Now you want to figure out all the details as to what, when, how, and why it might fulfill your prospects’ needs. 

Knowing all of these details will allow you to figure out exactly how you will use your social media sites. 

This includes whether you are using them now or if you were going to use them in the future. This allows you to figure out precisely step-by-step how to automate the process.

Once you have a good idea of the different tools that are available to you that are both paid and free, it’s time to utilize the free tour and show you how to set up your automation sequences.

Fast Action Bonus #13

Unlock Unlimited VIP Access To My “Botmatic Bonus PDF Guide” (Real World Value $37)

This is your VIP access to a Special step-by-step  PDF Guide designed to help you harness the full power of Botmatic. 

So you rightly apply Botmatic to your business for maximum profitability.

This is an unfair advantage over other customers of Botmatic.

Make a fast move now!

Fast Action Bonus #14

Unlock Unlimited Access To This VIP Blueprint “Getting Started With ChatBots” (Real World Value $67)

Chatbots are cool. They are driving the industry like hardly any other topic these days and are considered to be real game-changers.

Therefore it’s pretty easy for all entrepreneurs to be convinced about its implementation. 

But, it becomes tricky due to its numerous moving parts like cost factors, channels & other complicated setup required.

Follow this blueprint To be up and running with your own chatbots in the shortest possible time frame!

Fast Action Bonus #15

Unlimited VIP Agency Rights To Social Messaging Apps (Real World Value $47)

What are the Benefits of Social Messaging Apps?

Reaching valuable leads and connecting with your audience is one of the many advantages of using social messaging apps for your business. 

Why is it so beneficial?

* Interactions feel more personalized.

* We live in a busy world, and it makes help just a click away.

* Chatbots allow for quick & efficient response time.

* Creates a personalized experience for your customers and builds relationships.

Fast Action Bonus #16

Unlimited VIP Agency Rights To Messenger Marketing Secrets (Real World Value $37)

The social messaging phenomenon has completely transformed the way people interact with brands—and ever since the pandemic pushed people toward digital channels for all their social and business interactions, the messaging trend has only accelerated.

More than 60% of all customer service engagements will be delivered via digital and self-serve channels (like social messaging, chat apps, and live chat) by 2023, according to Gartner.

Many brands have embraced social messaging and integrated it into social media and customer care strategies to meet a host of customer engagement and service needs; others are just starting their journey.

Below is how these Messaging Secrets will benefit your brand;

  1. See the world through your customer’s eyes
  2. Create ‘wow’ moments that boost customer loyalty and retention
  3. Get personal, even at scale
  4. Unlock insights to inform sales, marketing, customer service, and product strategies.
  5. Set teams up for success

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